Gamma Xi Boulé Officers


Gregory J. Matthews, Sire Archon

Donald J. Reaves, Sire Archon Elect

Bruce L. Ballard, Grammateus

Frederic  P. White, Assistant Grammateus  

Thomas A. Williams, Thesauristes

Vincent P. Foderingham, Agogos

Carl W.Battle, Rhetoriocs

Allen D. Morton, Grapter 

Lawrence A. Miller, Chair of Membership Council

Jerry W. Long, Data Manager 

Meeting Schedule

Gamma Xi Boulé meets the 2nd Thursday of every month from October through May 

at the University Park Country Club in Sarasota, Florida.

Visiting Archons are welcome to attend.

For additional information contact Grammateus, Archon Bruce Ballard, at

History of Gamma Xi Boulé


Gamma Xi Boulé was chartered in 1995 by four transferees from other Boulés and twelve charter members. The four founding members included Archon Matthew Carter who served as a national officer of the Fraternity and editor of our national publication "The Boulé Journal". The first Sire Archon or president was James C. Brown, who provided the leadership needed to launch the Boulé in Sarasota. The Gamma Xi Boulé has grown and matured under the leadership of subsequent Sire Archons.  

Since it was chartered in 1995, Gamma XI Boulé has awarded over $40,000 to 1st generation college students in the Sarasota area. Gamma Xi’s first mentoring program 'Youth Leadership', included 125 African American male students from 5 local schools. The program’s objective was to encourage and help students remain and succeed in school.

Gamma Xi partners with other organizations to respond to the needs of youth and young people of color in our community. Our current program, 'Journey to Success', partners with local high schools and others to focus on youth ages 14-19. Gamma Xi Archons volunteer to assist students in making prudent life and career choices.

Currently, Gamma Xi has 50 members. The infusion of new members is extremely important to the growth of the Fraternity and helps to shape the strategic direction of Gamma Xi Boulé. New Archons are strongly encouraged to become active in the Fraternity by joining one or more committees to embrace the spirit of Sigma Pi Phi.