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The Internship Program began in 2016 with 10-12th grade students from Booker High School in Sarasota, FL. The program provides students with hands-on work experience, employment readiness skills, team-building and socialization skills in professional business environments. The students participate in meetings, tour office facilities, work on projects under staff supervision, and interact with staff members and executives. Prior to beginning their internship, students participate in a mandatory business etiquette workshop to learn resume writing, interviewing skills and the do's and don'ts of how to be successful on the job. The workshop was developed and conducted by Archons of Gamma Xi. 

 "The relationships and trust that was built during the internship are invaluable. It is so important for the police and students to interact in a positive environment. The students gained life and law enforcement experiences which will certainly benefit them in their future endeavors. They assisted us just as much as I believe we helped them!" 

- Police Chief Bernadette DiPino 


Interns are currently working for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune Media Group and the Sarasota Police Department. Chatoria White and Kevin Beard intern at the Sarasota Police department.

Maicy Powell interns at the Herald-Tribune.View articles written by Ms. Powell at Facebook, Herald Tribune May 8, 2017

and Herald-Tribune August 13, 2017.

Student interns earn $10 per hour and may work up to 10 hours per week during the school year. Fifty percent (50%) of the student’s earnings are paid by the Foundation. 


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for my  opportunity and getting the chance to have my internship. It was so much  fun and I got so much experience. I really appreciate the fact that you and  the rest of your fraternity are so passionate about helping out young  people, especially young black kids who want to succeed in life. You don't  know how much this has impacted my life and you guys have been such a huge  support to me, you don't know the half of it! I hope I get to see you soon  and talk. 

Hopefully in the near future we get to work together again! 

Thank you!"

-Maicy Powell 

The Herald Tribune: 

  The Herald-Tribune is pleased to participate in the Boulé Internship
program. Our experience was nothing but positive, with laudable goals,
strong commitment, communication and follow-through from the organization,
a diligent and eager intern in Maicy Powell, and results. Maicy was able to
shadow and work with Herald-Tribune journalists, gained experience and confidence and wound up with published articles in the Herald-Tribune. We look forward to having another Boulé intern in the coming year.  

- Victor Hull, City Editor 

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Proud of our Interns

 Ms. LaShaughn Waiters is a student at Booker High School and one of Gamma Xi Boule's interns. 

This is the first article she has written under her own byline. The Herald Tribune Media Group is a committed partner in our Journey to Success program. The student internship program is one of our initiatives to provide students with real world work experiences. Our Foundation pays 50% of the student's costs.

If you would like to help support a student intern you may contribute send a check to Gamma Xi Boulé Foundation, Inc at PO Box 20117, Bradenton FL 34204. Or Donate online.

LaShaughn Waiters 2nd article

Check out our intern's 2nd article with the Herald-Tribune-

 A Booker High School student talks about how active shooter drills have forced a sense of mortality onto today’s youth 

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